New Standard in Towing Capacities Prove Ram’s Power and Durability

The 2015 Ram SAE J8207 has created a standard across all truck makers: a means to correctly present towing capacity figures.  The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) have always worked to measure torque and horsepower; by now integrating their measures to standardize towing capacities, the once uneven playing field full of trucks with unchecked, incorrectly matched figures has vanished.

Such new figures are proven with a test that simulates real-world towing for trucks. Towing evaluations are based on items like a 0-60 mph time allowance, the ability to climb a grade without dipping below a certain speed, and some handling checks. This process has caused decreases in Ram competitors' capacity figures, while Ram has had figures in most cases staying the same if not increasing slightly.

The 2015 Ram SAE J8207 is revolutionizing the automobile industry in more ways than one. We at Foster Motors are excited to see the change and are proud to serve the Middlebury area with an extensive inventory of new 2014 Ram 1500s, 2500s and 3500s. Stop by today and experience the towing capacity of Ram first hand.

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