Chrysler 300 Has New Features for the 2015 Model

There is something to be said for exclusivity. After all, it is human nature to desire to be noticed, to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. You want a quality car that can perform during the winter weather, but that does not mean you are resigning yourself to driving around Middlebury, VT in a rugged pickup truck with a plow on the front. Au contraire, you are looking for an elegant and stately vehicle, with a comfortable and refined interior that has everything you need and more. And of course, it will have to make it through a New England winter. What you may not have expected was to see that the 2015 Chrysler 300 has all of these features, and even has the smartest driving system in its class.

With a capable all-wheel drive that is always active, there is no lag time between when slippage occurs and the moment the car counteracts it.

Give it a try today at Foster Motors. This is the new Chrysler 300.

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