Thrive this Winter Behind the Wheel of a RAM Truck

Winters in New England can be particularly tough, no one knows this better than a resident of Vermont. Year in and year out the snows fall and some of us have a harder time getting around than others. One of the key factors in this is the vehicle of choice. You know who won't be struggling to travel this winter? Owners and drivers sitting comfortably behind the wheel of a Ram Truck. Because of the extreme torture testing that goes on at Ram, you can settle in knowing the truck has been properly vetted for the rugged Vermont lifestyle.

If you'd like to see just how these trucks are torture-tested, the video below should do a great job of showing you just what these trucks are built to handle.

If that wasn't enough evidence of the extreme toughness possessed by Ram Trucks, come in to Foster Motors at 2149 US 7 PO Box 499 Middlebury, VT and our staff will get you hands-on with the Ram Truck of your choice and in no time at all you'll see why everyone is talking about Ram Trucks.

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