Prevent Melt Downs on Your Road Trip with This Handy Guide

Road trips are a source of fond memories for many people, but they can also be the source of much stress. Some simple pre-trip tasks will help keep problems to a minimum.

First, don't forget to get your car inspected to make sure everything is working properly. Getting stuck on the side of the road or waiting for repairs is a great way to ruin a fun road trip. Utilize Google Maps to plan the best route, and plot which sites you want to stop and see along the way. Planning hotel stays along your decided route will prevent you from needing to make rush decisions on where to rest. Don't forget to plan games and activities to keep everyone having fun. Boredom can be a road trip killer. Group games and silent individual games should both be included in your roundup.

We here at Foster Motors wish you safe travels this holiday season!

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