Brake Pedal Issues

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Of course, your engine helps you move and drive where you need to go but without safety and the ability to stop, you don't belong behind the wheel or on the road. When issues occur with your brake pedal or your brakes, your vehicle will usually give you some signals. Don't overlook any of these following issues:

  • Spongy or tough to press brake pedal.
  • A brake pedal that feels like it has air bubbles or skips in it.
  • A loose brake pedal that shifts around under your foot when you press it down.
  • Fluid that comes out of your brakes when you press down your brake pedal.
  • Smoke that comes out of your brakes when you are driving and braking.

We here at Foster Motors know the importance of brakes that work properly. If you suspect anything is wrong, stop down to our service center in Middlebury, VT as soon as you are available.

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