Don't Forget to Pack These Road Trip Games for Your Next Trip

No one wants to be stuck on a long car ride with tired and bored kids. While we at Foster Motors can't do much about the tired part of your next trip, we can help with the "bored" part. To cure boredom in the car, try some of these fun road trip games on for size.

One game you can play as you leave home is the classic "License Plate Game." Except this License Plate Game comes with a twist. Instead of merely spotting license plates, players try to "interpret" the license plates, creating a phrase with words that correspond to each letter on the plate. Another game not to be missed is "Rhyme." In this game, one player says a word, and then each successive player has to say a word that rhymes with the original word until someone can't come up with a word of their own.

Of course, before the rubber hits the road, it's essential to stop by our service center so we can give your vehicle a thorough safety inspection to ensure it's roadworthy.



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