Comfort For Everyone In Your Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan features the latest technology along with plenty of space and comfort for your passengers. All of the turns that you need to make in Middlebury, VT can be audible, which means that you can listen to the directions on the map instead of viewing the navigation screen.

You can listen to the latest in satellite radio while connecting your mobile device to the radio system in order to listen to your own music collection. Wireless headphones make it easier for passengers to listen to what they want to hear without disturbing other people in the car.

Several USB ports are scattered throughout the van. These allow you to charge almost any device as long as you have the proper connections. Another feature in the van is the automatic temperature control. Each section of the van can be set to the specific comfort level for passengers, which is a detail that Foster Motors Inc can help you adjust.

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