Dodge Demon

Discover one of the most impressive muscle cars on the road, the Dodge Demon. This powerful muscle car is jam packed with power, impressive performance, and tech ready to leave all other muscle cars behind in the dust. Don't miss the opportunity to stop by Foster Motors today to check out this vehicle!


The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is an elite performance machine. It is fully powered by a Supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT Demon V8 engine, and loaded with a functional Air-Grabber hood scoop and Torque Reserve Launch System. This V8 engine may share the same architecture with the 707-HP Supercharged 6.2L HEMI Hellcat V8 engine, it is vastly different. The Demon V8 engine has 25 major upgrades from the Hellcat engine which include pistons, rods, supercharger, valve train and fuel injection system.

Some other differences include:

  • Larger supercharger: 2.7 liters vs. 2.4 liters

  • Increased boost pressure: 14.5 psi vs. 11.6 psi

  • Higher rpm limit: 6,500 rpm vs. 6,200 rpm

  • Fuel: two dual-stage fuel pumps vs. one

  • Larger induction air box with three sources of intake air: Air-Grabber™ hood scoop, Dual Air-Catcher Headlamps and an inlet near the wheel liner


Ready to take on any challenge on the road, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is optimized to match drag strip performance. Each Demon is equipped with 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R drag radial tires. The 2018 Dodge Demon is the first-ever factory production car to achieve a front wheel lift at launch.


  • These Drag Radial Tires achieve up to 40% more launch force than Challenger SRT® Hellcat tires.
  • These Drag Radial Tires have 15% more rubber on the road than Challenger SRT® Hellcat tires.
  • These Drag Radial Tires deliver nearly double the coefficient traction when compared to street tires used on similar surfaces.


  • The TransBrake enables the use of increased torque and quicker response at vehicle launch by locking the transmission output shaft to keep the vehicle stationary.
  • By locking the output shaft of the transmission, the TransBrake works in conjunction with the Torque Reserve Launch System to achieve brake-free launches up to 2,350 rpm.
  • Greater powertrain energy is generated with maximum torque converter multiplication.
  • The TransBrake provides a 110% increase in engine stall torque vs. brake torque.
  • The TransBrake produces up to 15% more torque at the rear tires during launch.


  • Drag Mode Launch Assist mitigates tire stick and slip to assist vehicle launches when conditions are not ideal.
  • When the vehicle senses tire slip from the wheel speed sensors, engine torque is momentarily reduced to quickly regain traction by maximizing tire patch contact with the ground.
  • This system is capable of reacting almost instantly, allowing the vehicle to continue launching without the need for the driver to lift off of the throttle.

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